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Multi-cavity, high-efficiency, high-precision medical mold

After years of hard work, the company has formed an honest, professional, innovative and harmonious working team. Now the company has an independent professional design and processing management system. It mainly uses two-dimensional and three-dimensional auxiliary design software and manufacturing software, and also uses mold flow analysis software for plastic flow analysis and product reverse engineering design, and can do its own product research and development, mold development, manufacturing, mold testing, and product molding. One-stop service greatly shortens the production cycle of products and can quickly adapt to the needs of domestic and foreign customers. Focus on laboratory consumable molds, nucleic acid extraction tube molds, virus detection card molds, virus sampling tubes, precision medical molds, medical molds, medical equipment molds, centrifuge tube molds, tip molds, PCR molds, etc.

Resource Advantage

Utilizing the resource advantages of Huangyan Mold Township in steel, mold standard parts, mold processing, and quality inspection, combined with Yusheng Mold's existing mold design and manufacturing capabilities, it has formed a product and mold design and development, raw material procurement, mold rough processing, Heat treatment, engraving, and high-speed milling, to mirror spark and slow wire cutting, coordinate grinding and 3D inspection, etc. Procurement, processing, testing, mold testing, and other process-based, contracted, and standardized resource application advantages.

Technical Seminar Technical Support

Yusheng attaches great importance to the training of technical personnel. It has a team of more than 100 people with more than 10 years of experience in product design, mold design, injection molding process optimization, and precision machining. Introduce advanced mold manufacturing technology to achieve rapid and accurate research and development.

Standardization, According To Regulations, Fast sample

Yusheng mold design has standardized manufacturing and requirements to meet different customer requirements. Our formwork steels are all stainless steel, 4Cr13, or higher-quality steel, and the processing accuracy of the formwork is guaranteed to be within 1 wire and 1 meter. We have always demanded high standards so that the range of molds produced can adapt to various situations, and broaden our fields and technical levels.

Get in Touch

Custom Process

  • Drawings or Samples

    Customers send drawings or samples.

  • Confirm Drawings

    We will draw 3D drawings according to the customer's two-dimensional drawings or samples, and send them to the customer for confirmation.

  • Quotation

    When the customer's drawing is confirmed, I will give the customer a quotation. If the customer sends a 3D drawing, then you can directly quote.

  • Mold

    After the customer confirms the quotation and sends the mold order, we start to make the mold.

  • Sample

    After the mold is completed, we will make a sample and send it to the customer for confirmation.

  • Mass Producing

    After the customer confirms the sample and sends the product order, we start mass production.

  • Test

    After the product is produced, our inspectors will inspect the product, or we will invite customers to inspect it togethe.

  • Shipment

    When the inspection result is OK and the customer confirms that it can be shipped, we will send the product to the customer.

High Precision Mold

  • 48 cavities sampling tube mold
    32 cavities test tube mold
    16 cavities vacuum blood collection tube mold
  • Nucleic acid virus extraction tube mold
    PCR 8-tube strip mold
    PCR cap mold