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Extraction Tube With Snap-Off Drip-Tip Cap

  • Extraction Tube With Snap-Off Drip-Tip Cap


Extraction Tube With Snap-Off Drip-Tip Cap

●The tube body is made of high quality pe and the lid is made of high quality pp. It is mainly used for nucleic acid testing and antigen testing.
●The product consists of three parts: the tube, the cap with drip tip (break-off version) and the small cap.
●The tube has a good seal and is characterised by its resilience and toughness.

Extraction tube with drip tip cap - This innovative product is designed to revolutionise your extraction process, offering convenience, efficiency and excellent results.
The highlight of this extraction tube is its snap-on drip tip cap. This unique feature allows you to effortlessly control the extraction process with precision. Simply snap off the cap to expose the opening of the tube, allowing you to easily collect and dispense the extract you want. The cap reconnects securely with a firm click, preventing any spillage or leakage.
Our extraction tubes have been designed with efficiency in mind, ensuring optimum airflow and maximum yield. The precisely designed shape facilitates efficient filtration and ensures a thorough and effective extraction process. With this tube, you can achieve high quality extraction with minimal effort.
Safety is paramount and we have taken every precaution to ensure a safe experience. The extraction tube is manufactured from food-grade materials, ensuring the integrity of your extract. In addition, the snap-on drip tip cap is designed with a tight seal to prevent any contamination or leakage during the extraction process.
In short, our extraction tubes with snap-on drip tip caps offer a convenient, efficient and reliable solution for all your extraction needs. Experience the difference in quality and performance with this special product.


Number Product details Product size Packaging method Carton size cm/quantity
HKA0301 -A Extraction tube (break cap) 80mm high Bulk Pipes:63*37*42cm9000pcs