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Plastic Screw Cap Extraction Tube

  • Plastic Screw Cap Extraction Tube


Plastic Screw Cap Extraction Tube

●The tube body is made of high quality pe and the lid is made of high quality pp. It is mainly used for nucleic acid testing and antigen testing.
●The product consists of three parts, the tube, the cap with drip tip and the small cap, with a volume of 2 ml.
●The tubes are well sealed and have a high resilience and toughness.

Our extraction tubes are designed with the utmost precision and functionality and are specifically designed for efficient and reliable sample collection and preservation. The use of high quality plastic materials ensures durability and longevity, making them ideal for a variety of applications in laboratories, research institutes and scientific experiments.
The extraction tubes have a convenient screw-on cap design that ensures a secure and leak-proof seal, preventing any contamination or sample loss. The cap can be easily tightened or removed, allowing the contents to be seen without much effort. Its user-friendly design allows for rapid and hassle-free handling, saving valuable time during sample preparation and analysis.
The transparent body of the extraction tube provides excellent visibility, enabling quick visual inspection of the sample without the need for unnecessary openings. This feature is particularly critical for maintaining sample integrity and ensuring accurate observation throughout the process.
With its versatility, the plastic screw cap extraction tube can accommodate a variety of sample types, including liquids, powders or small solid specimens. Its ample capacity provides sufficient space to collect sufficient quantities of sample material for comprehensive analysis and experimentation.
In addition, the tube's compatibility with a wide range of laboratory equipment and techniques makes it a versatile tool for scientific research and analysis. Whether centrifuging, mixing or storing, our extraction tubes integrate seamlessly into your existing laboratory workflow, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
Choose our plastic screw cap extraction tubes for reliable sample collection, superior performance and ease of use. It is the perfect solution for professionals looking for a reliable and convenient tool in their scientific work. Experience the superior performance of our extraction tubes and take your research to new heights.


Number Product details Product size Packaging method Carton size cm/quantity
HKA0301 Extraction tube (screw cap) 76mm high Bulk Pipes:63*37*42cm9000pcs